Website Updated for Fall 2020!

Our Skits Workshop Summer Day Camp included a little painting time!

We’ve been very busy getting ready for the Fall, and there are many new things going on. I’ll start posting registration announcements all over social media today—and we sure could use your help to spread the word.

These are difficult times, to be sure, but we have high hopes that we can keep things going at the Great Room.  With all this in mind, then, a successful Summer recruiting push is crucial!

Meanwhile, here are some brief bullet points about what’s new this year:

  • We’ve added Tuesdays into our class schedule.
  • Kay Pelham will be teaching a class for 3-6 year olds.
  • We’ve added a weekend, 2-day course on the US Constitution as the first offering of our “Community Program”.
  • We now have a YouTube channel, and some of our older students recorded a bunch of video to tell more about our program.
  • For our Homeschool Program, we’re now formalizing our fee structure as we’re on our way to becoming self-sustaining. You can now become a “member”, which entitles you to one course, and you can take additional courses for a nominal fee.

So please take some time to study the revised website.


As it turns out, it’s very difficult to reach the whole homeschooling community. Not everybody’s on Facebook, or on “the loop”. So we’re wondering how much more we could get the word out if every We, Montana! family were making it a point to share our posts often on social media and in other ways. We’re also looking into getting t-shirts and other “swag” to help with this, but mostly, we think that a deliberate “spread the word” campaign on social media will be the single biggest aid in eventually getting the “word of mouth” connection to those who aren’t on social media.

Would you please give some consideration to what your family could do to help reach other families in the area? We have a lot to offer, and now that we’re past our initial start-up mode, we’re ready to start taking the marketing to the next level! You could:

  • Post about specific activities your kids do at the Great Room.
  • Visit our YouTube channel and make comments on the videos (this increases their find-ability.
  • Get a t-shirt and a bumper sticker when they’re available.
  • Share some of our We, Montana! Facebook posts with your friends.
  • Mention We, Montana! to your neighbors and to those at church.
  • Post a flyer (We’ll create it.) on your church bulletin board.

Also, we can still use some more help with projects in the Great Room. We have painting, cleaning, plumbing, and carpentry needs! Please contact Jack Pelham to see about helping.

Come see the updated website!