We, Montana! to Offer Tuesday Courses Starting January 2020

Having topped 80 enrollments this Fall, our schedule is bursting at the seams, and we’re going to experiment with some Tuesday course offerings for the Spring semester of 2020. (Our Monday schedule will stay the same, with the newly-invented 2nd semester of Etiquette Class to fill in the same time slot as in the Fall.)

See anything you like?

Before we open official registration for the Spring semester, we need to gauge public interest in the following possible course offerings. Please let us know as soon as possible if you’d like to enroll in any of the following:

Home Cooking and Nutrition
Ages 12 and up, including parents and other family members.
Learn from a physician how to improve your family’s health through nutrition! Learn how to cook easy, delicious food that will improve their health for decades. Learn how to put community back into your eating?
There is a reason our grandparents and great grandparents were healthier: They ate real food, knew how to prepare it, and enjoyed it as a community. As a physician, I know the root of our modern illnesses stems from processed foods that are poisoning our bodies. The answer is real food. Transitioning to it is easier than you may think!
Come learn what is in real food, how to find it, and how to cook it. We will celebrate the end of our learning with a sumptuous feast of tasty delights.
(Minimum of 10 students, maximum of 25)
Instructor: Dr. Jane Smith

Kids’ Chorus
Ages 6 to 10 only. (Sorry, no parents in this one!)
This will be a performance group, and enrollment is by audition only. (We have to make sure that the singers can match pitches well, else, it just won’t sound good.) We’ll prepare several songs for a semester-end concert, and will sing at least one number together in that concert with the existing older Homeschool Chorus. Students will be provided with sheet music and audio recordings of their parts, and are expected to practice their parts at home (which means that the parents need to facilitate this home-practice.) Also, we expect a solid attendance commitment, as absences have a significant impact on the group. So, just to be sure everyone understands, this is not a General Music class, and it’s not a singalong club. It’s a real performance group that will work hard to put on the best performances possible. It will be both high-disciplined AND super-fun.
(Minimum of 12 students. Maximum of 100.)
Instructor: Jack Pelham

General Music
Ages 6-10. This will be another section of our already-running Monday course for those who are not available on Mondays. For a full description of this course, see here.
(Minimum of 16 students. Maximum of 30.)
Instructor: Jack Pelham

Beginning Guitar
Ages 10 and up, including parents and other family members. You supply your own acoustic guitar and guitar picks, and we’ll teach you the basics of strumming the easier chords. Some manner of beginning guitar book (TBA) will also be required. The class will include singing and playing alike, though the primary focus is on the playing. The not-so-good singer should not shy away from this class, and there is no audition. Sorry, no electric guitars of any kind. Acoustics only, please.
(Minimum of 10 students. Maximum of 30.)
Instructor: Jack Pelham

Public Speaking Workshop
Ages 12 to 18. (Sorry, no parents allowed!) This is the same course we ran last January on Mondays. Please note, this is not a speech-writing course, nor a debate course. Rather, this is about the fundamentals of how to effectively deliver already-written material of excellent quality. This is an exceedingly fun course that also requires homework and memorization of short speeches. Students having taken this course previously are welcome to enroll, as it is expected that you will work at a higher level than before, and that your solo pieces may be more demanding.)
(Minimum of 8 students. Maximum of 16.)
Instructor: Jack Pelham

Please contact Jack Pelham ASAP to express your interest, telling us which courses and how many students you’re interested in enrolling. We’ll decide which courses we can schedule based on this feedback—and we’d like to get that done as soon as we can, for the convenience of everyone planning their Spring semester.