We, Montana! Hoping for a Donated Used Computer

We are sorely in need of a donated, used computer. We need a PC (not an Apple product) that still boots up. It doesn’t matter how well it runs, because we will wipe the computer of all its files and install a new operating system. We could use an entire desktop setup, or just the tower itself, if that’s all you have. (We could make use of laptops, too, but desktops are easier.)

Thanks to the programming know-how of James Pelham, our technical director, we’ve been fast on the trail of computerizing the controls for our performances (skits, public speaking, and our choral ensembles). This involves how we control stage lighting, classroom lighting, special lighting effects, sound effects, accompaniment tracks and other audio sources, video, and other various effects. James has been quietly writing programs to handle it all, and we’re well on our way to being to build a show in the Great Room, and then take it on the road (to a larger venue) for the final performances–and to have it be so easy to run the technical side that practically anybody could do it.

If you have a desktop computer that’s not in use, and that still boots up (every time), we could make great use of this. If you need help to copy all your files to a thumb drive, we’d be happy to help with that, so that you can load any of it you want onto some other computer.

If you have one to donate–or would like to discuss it, please contact Jack Pelham by clicking here.