This Week at the Great Room

As always, there’s a lot going on at We, Montana!.  Here are the highlights of the week.

HAM Radio Class and Certification.  We’re now polling interest in a 4-hour HAM Radio class session, with a veteran HAM operator on-site to answer questions.  Recommended for ages 10 and up (though some of gotten certified as young as 8!)  The 4-hour class is to be followed up by 1 hour of study each day, with a test session included the following week.  The course would be free (though we’re always thankful to receive your donations), and the fee for the test is $15.  If you pass, you’ll get a “Technician” license and will be qualified to use HAM radio!  Radios are really inexpensive these days (starting at $20 or so), so this is a great time to learn something that could really be super-useful in an emergency someday.  Please take a minute and put yourself on the Google Form here:

Introduction to Reality-Based Thinking.  This class has been going well since we started the semester on September 13.  This week, we played a few investigator-type games aimed at learning how to formulate and manage good questions when trying to figure out a scenario.  Previously, we’ve studied and discussed several topics, including one of my personal favorites:  Self-Breaking Rules (rules that break themselves with use, such as, “Never tell anybody else what to do!”)

Introduction to the US Constitution.  After a thorough introduction in the opening weeks of the semester, we’ve not just completed Article I (Legislative Branch), and will be moving on Article II (Executive Branch) next week.  We’re going through line by line, explaining the vocabulary and the interpreting the archaic language as we go.  Now that we’ve got the particulars of Article I under our belts, we have more to talk about regarding whether the government has violated the Constitution. 

Homeschool Glee Club.  Among other things, our 25-or-so members have been rehearsing three classic American songs (My Bonnie, Four-Leaf Clover, and Bicycle Built for Two), along with some parody verses for each.  This week, we began work on a new upbeat Christmas song that we’ll perform (with Sing, Montana! Freedom Choir singing backup for us!) in our December 13th and December 14th concerts.  Tickets now on sale here:

Skitworks Beginning Skits Workshop.  This is our first semester of this non-auditioned class and it’s going very well.  Its 15-or-so members are “learning the ropes” of theater as they work up a series of short skits.  They’ll be performing along with the Skitworks Performance Troupe in our Skitworks Comedy Show on December 9th and December 10th.  This is a very clever and funny show—well rehearsed.  Seating is limited, so buy your tickets now!

Sing, Montana Freedom Choir.  This mixed choral group (SATB) is for ages 13 through retirement, and is working hard on its upcoming concert:  Montana Christmas!  The show will include a few non-Christmas songs from both our choral ensembles: Freedom Choir and our Homeschool Glee Club.  Then we’ll get into the Christmas portion of the show, which will include a set of three original Christmas Sea Shanties (by Jack Pelham), and a mass choir performance of an original toe-tapper, “Christmas, Christmastime”.  After that, we’ll end the show with 5 or 6 Christmas favorites in an audience singalong.  Freedom Choir is currently accepting new members.  You can learn more about us a .