Tag-Singing Party! (with Hotdogs)

For those members of our Community Chorus who are enjoying the Barbershop Tags we’ve been playing with—here’s a party just for you! We’re going to have a fun meal together, and then spend a couple of hours singing just for fun.


Friday, 13 March, 2020
6:00 Great Room opens
6:30 Dinner is served
7:00 The singing begins

We’ll provide the hot dogs–and we’ll buy the healthiest buns and wieners we can find! We’ll also provide bottled water.

YOU bring chips, or a side dish, or a dessert, and whatever you’d like to drink. ALSO, we need condiments, so here’s a list of what we need, and as people tell me (privately) that they’ve got things covered, I’ll remove them from the list:

1. Ketchup. (Or perhaps, Catsup, provided it’s fancy enough.)
2. Mustard.
3. Relish.
4. Chili. (As a topping)
(Everything else—chips and side dishes and such, we’ll just leave to pot luck.)


May I invite friends and family to come sing with us?
Yes. If you’re pretty sure that they can sing in tune well, that would be super-cool! (Otherwise, it all gets rather messy and it’s not as fun! So it’s your call whether to bring them or not.)

When will it be over?
About 9:00, or whenever we get too tired of singing. Or whenever we get tired of talking after—or of playing Foosball.

Do I need to RSVP?
Yes! I need to know how many are coming so that I can have enough hotdogs and water on hand. Please contact me here to let me know as soon as you can.

How will the singing go that night?
Well, we’ll sing mostly as a big group (however many that is), but if some want to try some tags in quartets, we’ll take the time to do that, too.

Will we need sheet music?
No, I’ll provide what you need—some in print, and perhaps we’ll learn a couple by rote.

What if we would like to look at some sheet music in advance so we could practice our parts at home before we get there?
Then I’d say you’re one of the coolest people in the world! Let me know you’re that cool, and I’ll see about getting you something to practice.

Will there be door prizes?
Funny you should ask! Yes, there will be a drawing from among those who seem to have the most Barbershop Harmony enthusiasm (as assessed by Mr. Pelham). The winner gets a brand new pitch pipe!

Do you need to borrow my gas grill for this event?
Yes! Thanks for asking! Please contact me and we’ll work it out!

What if I don’t have any questions? Does this mean I’m not a cool person after all?
Wait, ask me that question again, but slowly. Then ask yourself whether you really don’t have any questions.