Summer Chores and Needs

We have a few items we’d like to take care of before the Fall semester begins. Perhaps some of you are in a good spot to make some of this happen. Here are two lists:


  • We have some things that need to go to the landfill. They include some drywall scraps (on our patio outside) and our cardboard brick wall set from our Fall concert.
  • We could use some skilled tractor work for the parking area next to our building. It needs to be smoothed out to better facilitate smaller cars. (It also needs to be covered with gravel to keep it from getting so muddy. But even if we can’t get gravel, having it smooth will make a big difference.
  • Drywall. We’d like to finish up our North and East walls, as well as our bathroom. The drywall is all attached, but the taping and mudding is not complete. This requires considerable skill to do it well, so we’re looking for just the right helpers.
  • Painting. We need to prime and paint the North and East walls, as well as the bathroom. While this is not the most demanding job in the world, we’d like to have it done by someone who’s very good at it. We have all the painting tools one would need. (We’re hoping to find donors for the paint.)
  • Stage Platform Work. Our stage platforms aren’t finished yet. We need to putty some holes and sand them all smooth. Then we need to prime them and paint them.


Please contact Jack if you’d like to discuss any of this. As we get items taken care of, I’ll remove them from this list.