Skits Lite Night: Monday, February 17th

I’m excited to announce that our Skits Workshop cast & crew need a guinea pig audience—-and you’re it! We’re working toward a semester-ending big show, but we need some time in front of a live audience to get some experience with that’s like. So we’re putting on a sampler show, showing three of our skits early as a preview of our final show. In return, you provide normal audience-like behaviors, so we get to learn how to pause for laughter when it happens, how to keep going when expected laughter doesn’t happen, and so forth.

Who’s invited?
Anyone enrolled in any or our courses, along with friends and family of the cast and crew.

PLEASE—-if you’re on Facebook, go to the “Event” there and mark yourself as “Going” so that we can get some kind of idea how many to expect.

And because three skits won’t take long, we’re handpicking a few select acts to fill out the evening with a bit of a talent show to sweeten the return on the investment of your time. And after that, we’ll have foosball and fellowship until we all go home.

Skits Lite Night
Monday, February 17th
At the Great Room
Curtain at 7:00 p.m.; House opens at 6:30
(Throw a camp chair or two in the car, in case we run out of chairs.)

Skits Workshop will meet as normal on that day, and will hold over through the event. We will order pizza to eat at 5:00 and finish eating by 5:30. This gives us an extra hour to make any last-minute improvements on our show. Costumes are normal street clothes, as these three particular skits call for that sort of costume.

Those invited to be in the talent show are also invited to come eat pizza with us at 5:00 if you’d like to join us. Please RSVP so that we know whether to order pizza for you.