Schedule Altered and Starting Dates Postponed One Week


In the recent cold snap, our septic lines have frozen, forcing a weather closure in our first week of class, because having a functioning bathroom, it seems, is non-negotiable! This gives us a good opportunity, however, to make some adjustments to our original course schedule in hopes of saving some of the under-enrolled classes that seem most likely to gain a sufficient number in the unexpected extra week.

Several of our classes are well enrolled, and are moving ahead as scheduled. Meanwhile, a few of them are in danger of cancellation for low enrollment, but given the extra week, we’re making one final push to save them. Another, (Fun & Games) we have rescheduled at a different time, as we have reason to believe it may have a better chance of surviving. And the classes we don’t think have a reasonable chance of gaining sufficient enrollment in this extra week, we have cancelled altogether.

SPECIAL OFFER: It’s always tricky as an organization grows–and in these hard economic times, and half way through a school year, it can be even trickier. We don’t want to have to cancel any classes, but these four in particular, we especially want to fight to save:

-Reality-Based Thinking
-US Constitution
-Public Speaking #1
-Public Speaking #2

For those families who enroll in at least one course with a value of $70, we will allow you to enroll anyone else in your family (who is qualified) in any of these four courses at no charge if you tell us that you just can’t afford to enroll otherwise. If you can pay, please do, because we really need the revenue in order to keep growing and thriving. But if you can’t, we’ll take your word for it on the “honor system”. This keeps us from having to cancel the class and refund fees already paid, as well as from turning away interested students.

This is a limited time offer—good for this semester only. So please help us spread the word, because we only have this week to save these classes!

NOTICE: ANYONE WANTING TO TAKE THESE CLASSES WILL NEED TO REGISTER ON THE UPDATED GOOGLE FORM–WHETHER YOU PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED OR NOT. We apologize for the inconvenience if you had previously registered, but given the changes, this is the only way to make it perfectly clear who wants to be in which classes.

Click here to see the new schedule. It links to a super-important details page for each class—and those pages each link to the new Google form for registration.