Rehearsal Aids for Sing, Montana!

For May 17, 2021 Concert

This list is what’s POSSIBLE, but it remains to be seen what we can get ready in time. Also, I’ve listed them in a likely show order. (And this does not include whatever smaller ensemble pieces we might do.)

Also, please be advised that I’d like to work up a list of volunteers who could do a good job of announcing our songs. I’ll be writing up announcements—so you just have to be able to deliver it well—hopefully from memory, though you could possibly keep a 3×5 card handy for backup. Let me know if you’re interested in that.

  1. For His Joy
  2. Because It’s Beautiful
  3. It’s the Music That Brings Us Together
  4. Down Our Way
  5. Where Is Love? (Women’s Chorus)
  6. The Oak and the Ash (Men’s Chorus)
  7. Encourage My Soul
  8. Keep Your Lamps
  9. Isn’t It Romantic?
  10. Montana (SATB Basic)
  11. Patriotic Medley + This Is My Country
  12. Desperado (Coming soon)
  13. Old Cowhand / Lone Prairie
  14. Carry On!
  15. Leave Her, Johnny

Full Rehearsal Aid List

Banana Boat Song

Because It’s Beautiful

Carry On! (SAMPLER: Chorus Parts Only)

Dear Mom (Quartet)

Deep River (Women’s Chorus) Coming sometime.

Desperado (Coming soon)

Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. (Coming sometime)

Down Our Way

Encourage My Soul

For His Joy

Good Night, My Love (Tag)

Hello, My Baby!

If I Could Have Anything

Isn’t It Romantic?

It’s the Music That Brings Us Together

Keep Your Lamps

Leave Her, Johnny

Let Me Go Home!

Lili Marlene Variations

(The) Lion Sleeps Tonight. (Coming sometime.)

Montana (SATB Advanced)

Montana (SATB Basic)

The Oak and the Ash (Men’s Chorus)

Old Cowhand / Lone Prairie

Patriotic Medley (also includes This Is My Country)

Medley: (The separate songs are treated separately below. Please learn both.)

Anne Marie Loves Jean Pierre
Sur le Pont

Where Is Love? (Women’s Chorus)