Pitch-Matching Workshop

For all interested parties—including, particularly, those who still need to pass the pitch-matching audition to get into the Homeschool Chorus this fall—

I’ll have a pitch-matching session this Saturday (15 June) from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in the Great Room for whomever comes. We’ll do simple exercises singing with the piano. This will help to train the ear, and is the kind of practice that I would suggest for those who didn’t pass the audition on the first try.

Keep in mind that 100% of the people who did not pass (yet) are indeed able to sing pitches accurately on a melody that they know already. This is very good news, and what is shows is that they simply need more practice at learning to match pitches quickly when they are presented at random.

I’ll plan another session just like it soon, but do come to this one if you can. And please take a moment to let me know you’re coming.

Also, if you’re wanting to audition for Intermediate Band, I can meet you just after this event (at 10:00ish) in the Great Room for that purpose.