Performance & Rehearsal Attendance Policy

Several of our course offerings are for performance ensembles of one type or another. These present great opportunities for students, but also present considerable risk as absentees from rehearsals and performances (yes, both are very bad) come at quite a cost to the overall team effort. Most of our students are quite diligent to be there, but a few are quite uncommitted to the team, and miss frequently–including crucial near-show rehearsals and even performances.

When you register for a performing ensemble, you are making a commitment to the entire class, to the teacher, and to We, Montana!. While there are indeed some legitimate reasons to be absent, a lack of concern and diligence are not one of them. For this reason, depending on the circumstances, some with egregious absences may be denied entry into further performance ensembles in the future. This is not done in revenge for messing up our performances, but in protection of the rest of the ensemble who deserve to have their shows go on as planned.

So, please think twice before you sign up. Being ignorant of a published show date or call time is no excuse for missing the show. From here forward, the show dates are determined and published before you register for the semester, so there is no excuse.

If you’re going to miss a rehearsal (a class session), you need to email the director in advance. No-email-no-show is a quick way to show a lack of commitment to the team! With some diligent effort on everybody’s part, however, we can each pitch in to a smoothly-run semester!