Movie Night–White Christmas–Dec 20

Come join us for a cozy movie night among friends! This time, it’s the Christmas classic, “White Christmas”, starring Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and Danny Kaye.

The Great Room opens at 6:30, and the film runs promptly at 7:00. Friday, December 20, 2019. At the We, Montana! Great Room.

Original movie poster from 1954.

This movie musical’s got everything! Wartime, peacetime, show business, romance, comedy, friendship, hard times, snow, sisters, sheep, blessings, the best Christmas costumes ever—and the best-selling song (of any type) of all time: White Christmas (by Irving Berlin)—along with many others that you’ll recognize next year when you watch this movie again (because it’s that good!) And it’s in color!

Not only that, but we’ll have all the popcorn you can eat, and we encourage you to bring any holiday snacks you’d like to share.

After the movie, plan to stay and visit as long as you like. You may bring any games you like—and there’s always Foosball, of course! If you’re up for it, bring some of your favorite holiday treats to share.

This note is for all those youngsters who thought that surely Sergeant York couldn’t be good because it was an OLD movie—or because it was about a war. At the end of that film, we had a unanimous show of hands in response to the question: “Who of you are glad you came to see the film?” So any of you bah-humbuggers who are inclined to scoff at this film because it’s “old” just need to get past that crazy thinking right away!