Kids’ Chorus to Start in Fall 2020?

Interested? Let us know!

We’re looking hard at finding a way to start an auditioned kids’ chorus for Fall 2020. The idea as it stands right now is to create a new performance group (as opposed to a music class), made up of kids from 7 to 10 years old. We’d be singing mostly 1- and 2- part songs, and probably collaborating with the We, Montana! Community Chorus on some of their concerts. (The upcoming May 17 concert, in which our General Music Class will be singing 3 numbers will serve as a bit of a prototype for this.)

Let me say right away that this new chorus, if we get it going, wouldn’t be for everybody. It’s not a general singalong class, but a performance ensemble. So it’s best-suited for those who are able to maintain focus better than average, who are mentally active enough to stay engaged while working out the details in rehearsal, and who can pass a basic pitch-matching audition to be sure that they have that most fundamental skill that makes a chorus sound good. One thing that sets this group apart from so many is that it’s only for kids who love singing, and not just for kids whose mothers would love it if they would love to sing.

To be in this group, the student has to demonstrate his or her own eagerness to do what we do. (If your child needs some nudging, then my General Music Class is the much better choice.) And if someone auditions successfully and gets started, then loses interest later, we don’t want them to stay and finish out the semester, because we find that not only do they not give their best (which we need), but that they tend to leave with a negative association with singing if we make them keep at it. And we don’t want anybody to go through life with such a mental association going on!

There will be a Code of Conduct for parents and students alike to sign, so that we can ensure a good class experience for everyone. Those who demonstrate that they cannot consistently follow the Code will be asked to leave the ensemble. The rehearsals are fast-paced and have lots of humor. They also feature many directions that the students are expected to put into practice as directed. And of course, we expect the students to learn their parts. To this end, we will issue sheet music, and will also make available various learning aids, such as musical learning tracks. These are online musical files that the students can listen to at home to practice as needed. Also, some basic uniform will be required for performances—and it’s probably black on back (shirts and slacks for the boys, and either the same for girls, or dresses or skirts. We’ll get into the details of this later.)

As you can see, what I’m describing here is a real, functioning chorus for kids. I know that this is special and isn’t for every kid. In fact, maybe it’s only for about 1 in 10 kids out there. So we know we can’t please everybody. But that’s OK. If we can find at least 16 kids like this who have the availability, we’ll get it started and we’ll grow from there. And if not, we’ll lay off for a bit while our Community Chorus continues to grow and the word continues to spread.


If you’re interested, could we please start a discussion about that now? I won’t start the group unless we can get at least 16 enrolled in it. And if we get lots of interest, it’s even possible that we could start right away, meeting on Saturday mornings for the time being, and singing in our May 17 concert as our first performance.

To discuss it, please contact me through the contact form on this website, or by phone at 406-696-4435.

Also, if you’d like to see this new group succeed, please share this post on your Facebook timeline, and in other groups of which you are a member.

This could be the start of something great!