Kids’ Choir Song Announcements for 26 April Concert


MIAH SPENCER: Good evening! We are the We, Montana! Kids’ Choir, and our entire program tonight is made up of American folk songs.

HEIDI BROYLES: Our opening number was was a popular courting song called Cindy. And now we’d like to sing another toe-tapper. It’s the story of Billy Boy, who is sweet on a girl whose age, as he reports it, is not quite clear!

Billy Boy

NOLA VINCENT: Next, we’d like to sing for you a very pretty song called Down In The Valley.

Down in the Valley

IZZY FOX: Our next song is one of the most popular railroad songs ever.

TITUS BERG: It’s written in three sections, instead of just two, and it’s called I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.

I’ve Been Working on the Railroad

CHARITY STRONG: We’re very glad you’ve come to see us tonight, and we hope you’re enjoyed our show. We’d like to end our show tonight with one of our favorites, The Crawdad Song.

The Crawdad Song