It’s the Music: Rehearsal Aids

The following arrangement just came out in 2020 and was very popular throughout the Barbershop world. The Barbershop Harmony Society has made these learning tracks available for free. Also, the “sheet music”, while downloadable just below, is also available in a YouTube video (along with the recording) beneath the following tracks.

PRONUNCIATION ALERT: Unlike what you’ll hear in these recordings, we will not sing “mel-UH-dy”, but “mel-O-dy. And so shall we replace “har-MUH-ny” with “har-MO-ny”.

All Four Parts (SATB)
Tenor-Part-Predominant (Sopranos)
Lead-Part-Predominant (Altos)
Baritone-Part-Predominant (Tenors)
Bass-Part-Predominant (Basses)
This video shows the sheet music as the music progresses.
Here’s a good-sized chorus (50) doing a great job on this song.
And here’s a group of 15 with a different sound. (Some of you my recognize four of these singers from the Swing Low video I sent out last Fall.)
And here’s an all-women’s group of about 45 doing it, if you’d like to hear what that can sound like.