In Search of Student Interns to Learn and Operate Sound and Lighting Equipment

As our program gets more and more sophisticated, we find ourselves in need of capable students to run our lighting and sound equipment. We’re offering a few FREE internships in hope of meeting this need. We’d like to have as many as four interns who could be trained by Jack and James Pelham during actual rehearsal times earlier in the day, and then to be available to run lights and sound during our Skits Workshop later in the afternoon, as well as at special events.


Ideally, we’d like two interns each for training during these rehearsal times:

HOMESCHOOL KIDS CHOIR–for ages 7 to 9. No audition.
Mondays, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
January 11 through April 27.
Two interns needed from 9:45 to 11:30 to receive instructions and to prepare for the class.

GLEE CLUB–for ages 9 and up, including parents and graduated siblings. No audition.
Mondays, 12:35 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.
January 11 through April 27.
Two interns needed from 12:40 to 1:50 to receive instructions and to prepare for the class.

The interns would train directly with James Pelham while seated at the lighting/sound table at the rear of the classroom while Mr. Pelham (Jack) directs the rehearsals at the front of the room.

OPERATING TIMES (Rehearsals and special events)

Meanwhile, we’d expect those interns to make themselves available to operate the equipment (with Jack and James still present, but not necessarily directly overseeing) during one or more of the following:

  • Skits Workshop Rehearsals: Every Monday from 2:20 to 4:20, from January 11 to April 27, including at least two evening performances. (We could use up to four crew members for Skits if we can get them. Meanwhile, with 2 we could make do, and with only one, they’d probably be overwhelmed!)
  • Freedom Choir Rehearsals: Every Monday from 6:00pm to 8:30 pm, from January 11 to April 27, including at least two evening performances. (One or two technicians would suffice for these rehearsals.)
  • Choral Performances (including Kids’ Choir, Glee Club, and Freedom Choir): At least two evening performances are planned for the semester. One is Monday, February 15, and the other is somewhere around April 27. (We could use 2-4 technicians at these events.)
  • Movie Nights. (May be scheduled at about one a month throughout the semester.) 1-2 technicians needed.
  • Talent Shows. (May be scheduled once or twice throughout the semester.) 1-2 technicians needed.


Here is a rough list of tasks this crew will perform.

  • Play certain computer audio files (for musical accompaniment) on request over the PA system.
  • Set the digital class-time clock to ensure that class ends on time.
  • Setup and reconfigure microphones, cables, and other PA equipment as necessary, per industry standards and best practices.
  • May occasionally hook up musical instruments to the PA system.
  • Record and save each rehearsal session (Audio) on Audacity (computer-based program).
  • Control house lighting and DMX theatrical lighting.
  • Operate the video projector and screen to show videos as needed. (Playing YouTube on a Windows-based computer.)
  • Make occasional videos of rehearsals as requested, or for “going live” for Facebook advertisements of upcoming concerts.
  • Monitor and control the heating system during classes and events, turning off the (particularly loud) heater at certain times when a quiet room is most necessary.
  • May including wearing a walkie talkie headset to communicate with the director and/or stage manager.


No specific previous experience is necessary, but we’re really hoping for interns who have these qualities already:

  • Dependable.
  • Respectful.
  • Level-headed when the occasional urgent/emergency arises.
  • Follows direction well.
  • Good oral/written communicator.
  • Can follow a written script for lighting cues.
  • Takes ownership in his/her work.
  • Has a good sense of humor.
  • Is not afraid to ask questions.
  • Can multi-task without getting too frazzled.
  • Has dependable transportation and can attend regularly.
  • Understands that the skills being trained are very valuable and can be useful for a lifetime.
  • Likes to facilitate others.
  • Ideally–has personal access to a device for notifications. (Cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.)

This is a great opportunity to learn for free, while also serving to make our nonprofit programs excellent. We’re competent to train the interns in any of the technical skills that are called for. We have loads of fun, but also believe that excellence is worth working for. We are very respectful to cast and crew alike, and we think of everyone involved as extended family.

Obviously, with so much to do, we’re somewhat flexible on how it gets done–and the more interns we train, the easier it will be for us to find help when we need it in the future. And there’s quite a future! We’re eyeing some large-event opportunities starting in Fall 2021. So there’s an opportunity here for our interns to train into highly-competent and highly-responsible technicians whose skills can be used generally in the entertainment/hospitality world. It’s also an excellent opportunity for those interested in teaching or in any field in which general logistics is important.

While no one knows the future, we’d hope not to train people and then have them leave right away. Our hope is to find individuals who will love the work and will want to stay involved in our programs for a couple of years at least—and who themselves might even, in time, become trainers over other interns.


We don’t think it’s going to be very hard to find good people for these positions, but even so, we’d like to have an interview with everyone who is interested so that we can see how it’s going to go. We’d like to schedule 30-minute sessions as soon as possible to show you around and to give you a chance to use the equipment—as well as to see whether you would still want to work with *us* after finding out what we’re like! : )


We’re flexible on this, but we’re thinking that it might generally be best to have interns in the 13-17 age range. We know for a fact, however, that there are some 12-year-olds who would be fantastic at this. And we like 18-year-olds, too–especially if they’re likely to still be around for a year or two to help out. We have room for only four this semester, however, so all things being equal, preference will be given to those in the 13-17 range with good prospects for reliable transportation and steady attendance. And in a perfect world, all of our interns would be easy to communicate with directly via the app that we use for student/parent announcements. Oftentimes, the student is good-to-go, but when communications have to happen through the parents, the student doesn’t get the information in timely fashion–or can’t respond in timely manner to queries. (Be advised, we can still keep the parent in the loop on all communications, but if the parent is the ONLY one, that can sometimes be difficult.)


Obviously, this is a little more complicated than merely attending one of our classes. And we also understand that someone might not have all the availability we’d hope for. If you’d like to discuss it, feel free to contact Jack Pelham through email, or to call him at (406) 696-4435.


We’d like to get our interns selected by Sunday, January 10. So if you’re interested, please contact us ASAP.