Important Poll for Chorus Members

Community Chorus member/parents–
Would you please answer the poll below today, if possible? I’m doing some thinking on how to increase the size of our chorus, and wondering whether it makes any sense to have both a Monday Chorus and a Tuesday Chorus (for those who can’t come on Mondays). But I wouldn’t want to do this if it meant a mass exodus of Monday members to Tuesdays, because that would ruin the existing group. So I need your feedback!

FYI, If we did have two choruses, it might work something like this: They would sing a lot of the same repertoire, so that we could have a big group in our performances. But they might each have some songs that the other group doesn’t sing, so that we can more easily produce longer concerts on our limited schedule. And they would have one or two special rehearsals all together at the same time, just prior to our performances.

Please take the super-short survey below!

Your name, first and last
1. If a Tuesday chorus were offered in addition to the Monday chorus I already attend, I would:
2. Also, if it meant we could get more members, would you be willing to rehearsal regularly on one of the following evenings, instead of in the daytime hours?

Please enter (into the "Comments" box below) the name(s) of the member(s) for whom you responded in the poll question above.  Also, feel free to give any feedback in the same "Comments" field.

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