Homework for Public Speaking Workshop. 17 March

I had been hoping that we could watch My Fair Lady together as a class, but that seems highly unlikely anytime in the near future. Given the situation, therefore, I’d like to suggest that each student watch the film at home and write a summary of what Eliza Doolittle learns about how to improve her speech.

Unfortunately, a brief search for the film at Netflix and Amazon Prime yielded no results, but I did not search any other streaming services. I did find, however, that the DVD can be bought from Amazon for $6.79. I hate asking anybody to spend money in this chaotic time, but it’s not much, and it may be less than the gas money you’d spend coming to and from class. So please participate if you can. Meanwhile, I’ll be watching it to refresh my memory in preparation for reading the summaries that are submitted, and we’ll discuss the summaries in class whenever we meet next. It’s a long film (170 minutes), so you’d better get plenty of popcorn.

The goal of the assignment is to get students thinking about the various reforms that Eliza makes in the movie, as well as about the effect her speech has on others, both before and after her transformation. I hope everyone can participate, and I’d like to suggest a due date of April 1. (Summaries can be sent to me as attachments through Facebook messenger, or to my email at jackpelham@wemontana.org.)

How long should the summaries be? They should be as long as it takes to cover what details Eliza has to deal with to improve her speech. I’d also like to see a paragraph or two on the student’s thoughts about the overall transformation Eliza makes.