Homeschool Glee Club and Kids’ Choir Accepting New Members Mid-Semester

With COVID settling down somewhat, we’d like to take another stab at recruiting for the Homeschool Glee Club and for Kids’ Choir. We started the semester with fewer than 16 (which is our normal minimum enrollment) in each of these ensembles, but we’ve recently had a couple more join, and are interested in re-working the remainder of the semester to include other new members.

Ideally, we’d like to find another 7 or so, to bring us to a full 20 before our semester-ending concert on April 27th.

Tuition is $40 for the full semester, but given the late date, we’ll accept new students into this class for only $20.

Those already in these two ensembles, especially, are encouraged to invite their friends. Having said that, however, it’s an open enrollment period, and there’s no need to have an invitation to join us! And we hope that as COVID concerns are easing, we’ll get some quick takers. We’ll only leave this enrollment open for one week, so don’t delay!