Homeschool Chorus

We apologize for the older photo–this one’s from Spring of 2019, when our age range was 9 and up, but since then, we’re now starting at 11 years old.
Here’s a sampler from a rehearsal 8 weeks prior to a performance. This group has a great sound and it’s getting better all the time. Students from 11 and up are welcome, including parents and older siblings!

See some of our repertoire here. It’s going to be fun!

Our chorus is designed to be both fun and excellent! Learn from a professional director, as we sing many different types of music (“Something for everybody”). It’s for students 11 years old and up, including parents and older family members. By including the older singers, we can give the experience of being in a fuller chorus with the richness of tone that provides. Also, we do audition members for this chorus to ensure that everyone in it can sing in tune. You don’t have to be a great singer, but you have to sing in tune. This is part of what makes it so good!

As we’ve been in startup mode, our chorus has hovered around the 30 mark, but it’s designed to grow to as many as 100. Now that we’re getting more organized at We, Montana!, we’re hoping to have a very strong recruiting year for the chorus. We also hope to make room for more advanced singers to sing in some smaller spin-off ensembles while remaining in the chorus, to give them some extra challenges in addition to the larger group’s repertoire.

Auditions are very simple, and only take a couple of minutes each. Each singer comes with a song prepared to sing (without accompaniment) just to demonstrate that he or she can sing it in tune. After singing a bit of that song, he or she may be asked to sing it again, but starting on some different note. And after that, we might want to hear you sing back some random notes that we hum or play on the piano. Most students are quite surprised how simple the audition process is—and some realize they have got themselves quite worked up over nothing!

Well, while this course is highly educational, we don’t think of it as a “course”, but as a “performance ensemble”—so we’re looking to make an excellent sound. And that means that we need singers who can sing in tune, but who are also coachable as to the vowel sounds they use when singing. Further, we need singers who will sing out loudly when that’s what the music calls for. We meet a lot of super-nice people who have many lovable qualities, but who are afraid to sing above a whisper when others are listening. If this were just a singalong class, we’d love to have you, but what we’re really looking for is singers who will contribute to the richness of our overall sound–and that means singing loudly (at the right times, of course)! So we’re hoping to find singers who’ve already gotten over that shy stage and are ready to sing out.

Also, you should know that we stand and sit a lot, and that we work on some things over and over. Also, for our concerts, we’ll dress in all black as per the dress code here in the Code of Conduct below.

Auditions for this Fall (2020) will be held on
Saturday July 11 from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Great Room.

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A Code of Conduct agreement is required for this course. This helps to ensure the positive environment in each class. This document is being updated and will be published this summer.

Mondays, 12:05 p.m. to 1:35 p.m.
First Semester runs September 14 through our December 15 concert.
Second Semester runs January 11 through through April 26.

Concert Dates are to be announced. We are shooting for three events in the 2020/2021 school year: 1 in mid-October (October 26th?), 1 in mid-December (December 14th?), and one at the end of the school year, around April 20-26th.

Sheet music will be provided, and is loaned to each student, to be returned. Please do note the concert dress code just below.

We have a dress code for our concerts, because we are cool like that! All chorus members are expected to dress in all black as follows:
Boys/Men: Black slacks. Black belt and black shoes. Black long-sleeve, button-down shirts.
Girls/Women: Black bottoms of modest length, whether slacks, skirts, or dresses. Modest black tops, long or short sleeve. Sequins or other sparklies are OK, provided they do not change the color from the basic black look. NOTE: Ballroom gowns are too fancy for this event, and would stick out. Meanwhile, cowboy boots and hats with all black are too un-fancy, and would stick out in the opposite way!

100 students

This course meets, as do all our courses, in the We, Montana! Great Room.

Jack Pelham

This course is part of our Homeschool Program. You’ll find our fee structure detailed here.