Homeschool Chorus Changes Name!

The We, Montana! Homeschool Chorus is now the We, Montana! Community Chorus. We are now in our fourth semester, and sound better than ever. So good, in fact, that I think we’ll be able to go recruit the help we need to fill out our full choral sound. We’re so thankful to the handful of parent members who have joined us, and we’re looking to recruit a few more adults from the community—in addition to the continual recruitment of new and qualified student members.

We’ll be keeping the ratio of new, non-homeschool adults fairly low, mind you, because we don’t want to change the “feel” of the current group dynamic from what it is. So we’ll be looking to add maybe two new non-homeschool folks into each section. And I suspect that our upcoming semester-end concert will help a lot with recruiting them—as well as with continuing to build the number of homeschool student members we have.