Homeschool Chorus Auditions for Fall 2019

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Saturday, May 18, 2019
9:00 a.m. to Noon (Depending on how many come to audition.)

All-Call for singers, age 9 and up—parents and graduated siblings included!

After a first great year, we’re sharpening the saw and preparing for level 2.0 in Fall 2019. Up until now, all good-spirited and well-behaved singers from 9 and up (including adults) have been welcomed in the chorus—but there is a small down-side to welcoming all—and that is that those who haven’t yet mastered the skill of singing in tune (matching pitch) tend to go through chorus without ever getting help with that skill. This is because we’re there to work as a whole ensemble, rather than to do individual vocal coaching. We simply don’t have the time in class to do both.

So, starting this Fall, we’re going to be sure that each singer has this crucial skill as a prerequisite for being in the chorus. And this way, those who aren’t ready yet can focus on getting that skill together first, and then can come back and join us when they’re ready. Also, we’re looking at having a general music class with lots of singing for ages 6 to 10—with no pitch-matching prerequisite. So this would provide an alternative activity for those who want to be in chorus but just aren’t ready yet. While we haven’t put each of the current chorus members to a pitch-matching test, we’re pretty sure there may be 3-5 who aren’t matching pitch well yet. And obviously, for all those wanting to start chorus in Fall, we have no idea what their skills will be.

At this audition event, we’ll give a fun welcome and explain what to expect. Then we’ll do a group warm-up, and we’ll do some assessing as to how well each auditionee does with following group instructions (so be sure to flip on that “Pay Attention!” switch!). We’ll be looking to see who can stand still and who can keep his or her attention focused for a few minutes at a time.

Then we’ll have a semi-private audition for each singer behind a room partition, where they may be heard by others, but won’t be seen by anyone except the director and his assistant. So we’ll try to minimize the scariness! We’ll also be looking for the auditionees to sing out loudly, as shy singing simply doesn’t work in a chorus. Each audition should only take a minute or so.

Come with the verse or chorus of any DISNEY song of your choice—or with any song from any Broadway Musical (with appropriate lyrics). We just want to get a taste of your vocal tone and your ability to sing it on pitch.
We might also ask you to sing a few notes along with the piano, or to mimic the pitches that the Director is singing, just to see how that goes.

We’re stepping up our efforts to recruit adult mentor singers for the Fall. (And besides, we don’t just want to facilitate a choral opportunity for kids, but for parents, too.) Adults will be expected to pass the same audition, too. We need at least 10 adult singers, and we expect the most difficulty to come in finding men who are both good singers and who are available in the chorus time slot on Mondays. So please spread the word. The adults don’t have to be from homeschool families, but if they’re not, they definitely need personal recommendations from people we know.

We’ve had about 28 singers in the ’18/’19 school year, and we expect to go well over 50 for the Fall. Our goal is to get to 100 by Fall 2020, as we think that number is attainable in this market. To help facilitate this, we have moved the chorus rehearsal from 8:00 a.m. on Mondays to 12:10 p.m. to 1:40 p.m on Mondays. We apologize to all those in Monday co-ops, but Monday is the only day our Director is available at this time.

We’ll announce the results on the same day—and perhaps even before you leave the auditions.

We had a light performance load this Spring, but in the Fall, we expect to produce a chorus-only concert of at least 10 numbers, with several of those numbers being performed by a smaller ensemble of higher skills hand-picked from the greater chorus. So far, we have sung in 3 parts, but hope to do some 4-part singing in the Fall, particularly if we are successful in recruiting some adult basses and tenors.

If after reading this page carefully, twice over, you should have any questions, feel free to contact Jack Pelham through messenger or by phone at 406-696-4435.

If you plan to audition, please respond to this event as “Going”, and make a comment as to how many from your family will be auditioning. Thanks!