Glee Club Show Order and Announcements. 26 April 2021

We need volunteers to announce the songs in our upcoming concert. You can download/print the show order and announcements here.

And here are the show order and announcements with the names of the speakers


GRAYSON KACHIK: Good evening.  We are the Homeschool Glee Club, and we’re so glad you’ve joined us tonight.  Our first number, Shenandoah, is one of the most-beloved American folks songs.  And we’d like to sing for you now one of the all-time favorite folk songs from Great Britain.  It’s called Early One Morning.

Early One Morning

ALEXA “ALABAMA” GITHENS: Our next number is from the Vaudeville era of American musical theater.  It’s entitled We’ll Build a Bungalow.  It’s in two sections, and after we’ve gone through each part, we’ll sing them together at the same time, where the words at that point are anybody’s guess!


JAYDA FOX: We’d like to sing you a song now that was written by Mr. Pelham.  It’s about how we can get through the negative feelings we sometimes feel, rather than running away from them.  You’ll hear verses about frustration, sadness, grumpiness, and embarrassment—so this song has virtually something for everybody!   It’s called I’m Gonna Be All Right.

I’m Gonna Be All Right

            Rachel Broyles has this one memorized.

Five Foot Two

TOBIAS HEIDNER: We’d like to end our show tonight with a song from the hit Broadway music of the 1970s called Godspell.  The song features Mr. Pelham on the piano, Abigail Strong on the snare drum, and we’ve brought in some expert help from Kiersely Frasier, who, believe it or not, will keep the beat for us on that great American rhythmic instrument, the garbage can!  We hope you’ve enjoyed our show tonight, and we leave you with Light of the World.

Light of the World