Fun & Games

Page updated December 2021

Here’s a shot of about half of the Great Room. For games, we’d put chairs on both sides of the tables. And we have some pew and booth seating in the back of the room.


Supervised free-play indoors game time. Tables games (we have a few, but you should bring your own). Foosball.


As part of our mission to facilitate homeschooling in the Billings area, we want to make this opportunity available for kids and parents to make and enjoy friendships, to further build their social skills, and to have some good, old-fashioned fun in these troubled times.

How much?

$50 for the semester. Non refundable.


Tuesdays, 2:20pm to 4:20pm. Every Tuesday from 11 January 2022 to 5 April 2022.


For homeschoolers and their parents/guardians. For ages 5-18–with these restrictions: Those 7-18 may be dropped off, while those 5-6 may only participate with a parent present. Parents dropping off their kids must be back by 4:20 sharp Parents are welcome to come and socialize with one another, but we do hope you’ll be sensitive to overcrowding, if that should begin to be an issue.


At the We, Montana! Great Room
5055 Jellison Road, Unit 7C
Billings, MT
Please study the location details carefully before you come.

How many?

Max is 50 students.

Does my family have to come every week?

Well, you’re making the commitment for the whole semester, with a non-refundable fee. If too many quit coming along the way—or if their attendance becomes spotty, it greatly changes the atmosphere and experience for those who do come. So we urge you not to sign up if you don’t think you’ll come regularly. Is there some penalty for not coming? No, but your presence is part of the package that everybody else is expecting, too.

The following policies must be read and understood to enroll in this class. This is a lot of stuff because it takes a lot of details to run an excellent organization for everybody. Please invest the time to study all this. You will be asked at registration to give your word that you have done it.

House Rules
Communication Policy
Code of Conduct
Performance & Rehearsal Attendance Policy
COVID-19 Policy
Special Needs Policy
Spring 2022 Performance Schedule


Register at Google Forms.