Fun & Games Co-Op

We’ve reached our minimum of 20 kids (not counting parents), so we’re on! We start on Tuesday, 21 September.

This is the age distribution as of 8:00 a.m., 15 September.

Here’s a shot of about half of the Great Room. For games, we’d put chairs on both sides of the tables. And we have some pew and booth seating in the back of the room.


Free-play indoors game time with chaperones. Tables games (we have a few, but you should bring your own). Foosball.


As part of our mission to facilitate homeschooling in the Billings area, we want to make this opportunity available for kids and parents to make and enjoy friendships, to further build their social skills, and to have some good, old-fashioned fun in these troubled times.

How much?

It’s free, though we will gladly accept donations in our donations box.


Tuesdays, 9:30am to 11:30am. Every Tuesday from 14 September until December 7.


For homeschoolers and their parents/guardians. For ages 7-18, parents may drop off if they like—provided they’re back by 11:30am. Any participants under 7 years old MUST be accompanied by a parent/guardian during their entire visit. Parents are welcome to come and socialize with one another, but we do hope you’ll be sensitive to overcrowding, if that should begin to be an issue.


At the We, Montana! Great Room
5055 Jellison Road, Unit 7C
Billings, MT
Please study the location details carefully before you come.

How many?

We can comfortably accommodate about 50 people for an event of this type. (We’ll have tables and chairs set up for table games.) This doesn’t mean that we will limit the crowd to 50, but we do recognize that after that point, it may get so crowded and chaotic that some will not find it as fun.

Co-Op? / Chaperones?

We always keep an orderly and respectful environment at the Great Room. We need three dedicated chaperones committed for each week’s session, otherwise, we’ll cancel the event for that week. That’s what makes this a co-operative thing. We also need someone to volunteer seeing to it that volunteers are signing up for this. Most weeks, We, Montana! will have a key-holder on the premises, though it is conceivable that on occasion, we may have to get a key to one of the chaperones signed up for that week.

Chaperones will be responsible for seeing to it that the participants follow the Code of Conduct and the House Rules. This is an active, responsible, and deliberate duty that may tend, from time to time, to interrupt the chaperone’s own fellowship and play time. On weeks when you’re on chaperone duty, you are participating chiefly as a chaperone, and only secondarily as a regular participant.

Please note that the expected behaviors that make the Great Room environment so successful may differ from your own family’s routines. As a chaperone, you are committing to uphold the Great Room’s standards, and not your family’s standards. EXAMPLES: In the Great Room, screaming is only for emergencies, and not for play. It may seem perfectly natural to some kids and parents alike that screaming will happen during playtime, but it is strictly prohibited in the Great Room as it ruins the experience for others. Similarly, we prohibit running and horseplay in the Great Room, even though these may well happen freely in many homes. Further, going outside the Great Room without a parent or guardian during the event is strictly prohibited.

We have a time-out policy, where persons failing to comply with reminders about the rules are put into timeout for a few minutes. All chaperones are expected to comply with this policy because your job is primarily to protect the overall experience of all the participants—and this is a much wider and more principles-based position than is just “trying to be nice” to the student in question.

Every parent is expect to volunteer from time to time to chaperone. If on any week, three volunteers have not been registered, we will simply cancel the event for that week, and try again the next week.

Does my family have to come every week?

No. When you register (below), however, you’ll be asked how often you expect you’ll come. From that, we’ll try to estimate what sort of participation to expect on average.

House Rules

The House Rules for the Great Room can be found here. It is mandatory that everyone study them before attending the first session.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct must also be signed by student (7 and older) and parent alike. We are making an agreement ahead of time, so that everyone knows what is expected. This is part of what makes this a co-operative event. Please print, read, and sign the form before you come. If you don’t have a printer, we’ll have blank forms available in the Great Room.


Click here to register now at Google Forms.