Freedom Choir Fall Plans

Hey, Freedom Choir! I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the summer break. I’m writing because I would benefit greatly by knowing what to expect for the Fall, and I need your feedback.

We’re just beginning to plan a big event—a Freedom Choir concert and public singalong for Saturday, 18 December 2021 at the Lincoln Center Auditorium, where we would hope to fill all 1,636 seats. It would involve a FC concert, with a little help from our Homeschool Glee Club and Kid’s Choir for a few numbers—and a great skit from our Skits Performance Troupe. Also, we’d have a public singalong at the end of that concert, where some number of standard Christmas songs would be performed be a mass Singalong Choir on the stage—and joined in by the audience. We also hope that everybody in FC, Glee Club, and Kids’ Choir will join the Singalong Choir. Hopefully, in the Singalong Choir, which would have just a few modest rehearsals in the months leading up to the show (that you would NOT necessarily have to attend if you’re in one of our We, Montana! choirs), we’d find at least a few good recruits for Freedom Choir.

This seems like a great way to serve the community, and to take FC to the next level. But it’s risky to plan this without knowing how many members we expect to have in FC this Fall. I put out a survey about this some weeks ago, and got few responders. Perhaps you’re busy, or as yet uncertain, but determining whether we’ll have enough participants to do any concert at all is one of our first orders of business.

Would you please go back to the announcement on Remind that brought you to this page, and send me a reply (even if you’ve already replied on this subject) as to your intentions for the Fall?