Fee Structure for Homeschool Program

This fee structure was superseded by a revised plan on August 14, 2020. The new plan is a temporary measure aimed at facilitating the local homeschool community during the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis.

So far, our Homeschool Program in the Great Room has been sustained mostly through a major donor, but now it’s time to make the transition into a self-sustaining revenue model that relies more on program fees (tuition) than before. Since our teachers at this time are both volunteers, this means that all the revenues from tuition go toward paying rent and utilities for the Great Room. They won’t cover all the expenses just yet, mind you, but between program fees and other fundraising activities that we hope to implement once our tax-exempt status is finalized, we hope to be fully self-sustaining by the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year.

Our Board has been hard at work to devise a fee structure that is both competitive and manageable. We welcome your feedback on the plan below.


To take any of our homeschool courses, you need to be a “member” of our Homeschool Program. (We may offer other programs and membership types in the future, but for now, if you’re a member, you’ll be considered a “Homeschool Member“.)

MEMBERSHIP FEE DETAILS (Annual membership from September through August)

  • Annual Homeschool Membership Fee: $200 per enrollee. This entitles the member to take one course for which he or she is qualified. See prepayment discount information below.
  • Additional Courses. Homeschool Members may take additional 2-semester homeschool courses (for which they are qualified) at $40 per class. See discount information below.
  • Discounts for Prepayment. If paid by the first day of class in the Fall Semester, the $200 membership fee is discounted to $150, and each $40 additional course fee is discounted to $32.
  • Installments. If you don’t want to pay in advance, you can break up your total payment (annual membership fee plus additional course fees) into two installments, one in the 1st day of each semester.
  • Large-Family Discounts. If you have more than three students to be enrolled in the Homeschool Program, the first three pay the regular rate, and the 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. are discounted by 50%. The discount applies to whichever payment plan you choose (prepayment or installments).
  • Prorating for Late Joiners. With teacher approval, new students may join courses after the beginning date, at a prorated rate to be determined as of the joining date.
  • Special Classes. We may offer special classes from time to time outside of the Homeschool Program. (Such as our upcoming weekend Constitution courses.) These courses may also have a discount available for Homeschool Members, but it will vary from course to course.
  • Refund Period. Not sure a certain class is for you? We encourage you to discuss it at length with the instructor before registering, but even if you change your mind after the course has begun, we’ll allow a two-week refund period. You may apply for a refund up to the last day (Friday) of the second week of class.


  1. Single Student / Single Class. Billy is 12 and is only interested in chorus. He passes the pitch-matching audition and enrolls for the course. His family likes the installment plan of $100 at the first day of class in each semester, but decides it’s worth the $50 discount to prepay ($150) on the first day of class in September.
  2. Single Student / Multiple Classes. Sally wants to be in the Recorder Band and the Beginning Guitar class, so she needs to become a Homeschool Member ($200) and pay for the (one) additional course ($40). The installment plan works best for her family, so they make two payments of $120, one on the first day of class in September, and one on the first day of class in January.
  3. Four Siblings in the Same Class. The Von Trapp family wants to enroll all six of their kids in the Homeschool Chorus. They realize all six will need to become Homeschool Members at We, Montana!, and are glad that there’s a 50% discount for each kid they enroll after the third one. So they plan to pay $200 for each of the first three kids, and only $100 for each of the last three–for a total of $900–and they’re glad to have the Installment Plan available, so that they can break the $900 into two payments of $450 each. To their delight, one of the kids calculates that they saved $300 with the Siblings Discount. Then another calculates that if they could arrange to prepay the membership fees, they would only have to pay $675, which would save them yet another $225. Then another one of them figures out that it would only cost them $144 more (if prepaid) to put all six kids into a second class (1st 3 kids at $32 each, and the second 3 at $16 each). So they decide to take Public Speaking right after Chorus.