Communication / Information Policy

Updated last on December 2021.

Our American culture is great about many things, but communication is not one of them! Getting good 2-way communication with our students and parents is the #1 challenge we face at We, Montana!. And now that we’re moving from a 1-day to a 4-day schedule, it’s more important than ever. So here’s our strict policy. We don’t apologize for demanding this high level of communication, because this is what it takes to make for an excellent semester!

  1. All written communication will be done via email. (We are no longer using
  2. Every enrolled family must have a valid email address and must check it twice a day during the semester.
  3. Parents who enroll students are manually subscribed to our email lists for the semester.
  4. Students who are old enough to have email are urged to subscribe by sending an email to with the subject line, “Subscribe”.
  5. All email messages initiated by We, Montana! are to be replied to within 24 hours. Whether it’s answering a question, or just acknowledging receipt with “Got it!”, it is crucial that we have 2-way communication.
  6. It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to receive, to understand, to process, and to maintain all the information that is published about each class in which the student is enrolled. This includes information about class dates and times, performance dates and times, costumes/uniforms, and so forth.
  7. We frequently receive questions about things we have already answered by public posts on the website—and that we have sent out links for. Please check the website before asking such questions. This is information you should have known already, and while it’s easier for you just to ask in an email, it defeats the purpose of posting this information once for all, and puts a considerable burden on the teacher.