Coming Soon: Homeschool Glee Club!


Our first chorus (2018/2019 school year) was for ages 9 and up,
including parents–and was quite like our new Glee Club will be.

It’s been a crazy COVID year, but as soon as things calm down enough that sufficient numbers are ready to enroll, we’ll be starting a new choral ensemble, the Homeschool Glee Club! It’ll be much like our original chorus in the 2018/2019 school year. Here are the quick details:

  • Ages: 9 and up, parents and older siblings welcome.
  • Skill Level: Beginning to Intermediate
  • Audition: None
  • Reading music: Not required, but always welcomed
  • Learning songs: We will teach some songs in class, and will provide learning aids on our website for some other songs. When we do that, we do expect students to work on their parts at home, saving us from having to teach parts in rehearsal. So parents, please be advised that there is some homework.
  • Membership Requirements: Agree to (and follow) our Code of Conduct
  • Rehearsal length: 1 hour
  • Rehearsal day: Probably Mondays at some hour yet to be determined, but possibly Tuesday mornings (from 9-10 at the latest) if that suits more people.
  • Repertoire: We’ll sing a wide mix, mostly 1- and 2-part music, mostly with accompaniment, but occasionally without.
  • Concerts: We’ll have at least one public concert per semester.
  • Ensemble size: 30 minimum. 100 maximum. (Space limitation.)
  • Cost: To be determined.
  • Starting: January? Fall 2021? It depends on how much interest we get.
  • Location: The We, Montana! Great Room. See here.
  • Special Needs Policy: Please see our policy here.

In case you’re wondering, we’ll still be continuing our existing auditioned chorus, and will probably change its name from Homeschool Chorus to Homeschool Concert Chorus. So we’ll have two totally separate ensembles, although they may have their concerts together from time to time. And those students who excel in the Glee Club will be invited to join our concert chorus, where the repertoire is more demanding.

The Glee Club will be loads of fun, and it’s also a very structured environment. There’s lots of humor and lots of respect, too, right down to the punctuality of starting and ending on time each week. The singers will learn how to sing in an ensemble while following a professional director. They’ll learn about good stage manners and performance decorum. And we’ll be constantly working to overcome shyness so that everyone can sing out loud when the music calls for it. We’ll also learn a little music theory as we go, including the hand signals for Solfege’ (Do-Re-Mi). Further, we’ll even get a little individual practice talking into a microphone, and a few students will get a chance to introduce the songs in our concerts. And they’ll all finish the semester being able to recite the names of everyone else in the group!

Rehearsals are 60 minutes long, and most students in this age range will do just fine paying attention for this duration, since we frequently change our activities throughout the rehearsal. There are probably some at 9 or 10 who won’t quite be ready to stay focused that long, but we expect most to do just fine. We do run a tight ship, discipline-wise, because that’s what it takes to protect the good experience of everyone in the group. We set the barre high when it comes to orderliness, and we are pleased to observe that there’s hardly ever a case in which the students aren’t quite happy to comply. It’s quite fun, actually, and we can bring the class back to order after a break in under 3 seconds–and the students are amazingly good at it! We find that this really protects the experience for everyone, and it makes our rehearsals very efficient with little wasted time.

We’ll sing music of many styles, exposing the students to things they may rarely hear in the popular culture–including at least a couple of songs that their grandparents–or even great-grandparents might have sung when they were kids. Generally, there’ll be “something for everyone”.

We hope to build the Glee Club to 100 members, and could do so very quickly (though we’ll have to order more chairs!) Since we don’t know exactly what to expect regarding COVID, we regret that we can’t just announce a start date and get on with it. So that’s why we’re making this announcement now–to start gathering names of those interested in participating. And remember, parents and older siblings are welcome to join us, too.

Depending on how big the chorus grows, waiting in the classroom for students is generally an option, provided those waiting don’t provide any disruption to the class. But as we grow in number, more and more will have to wait elsewhere, or to run errands during rehearsals.

If you’re interested, please take 2 minutes to let us know by filling in the Google Form at the link below.