Chorus Updates–Fall 2019

It looks like we could top 50 for participation in the Fall, but time is running short, so we need to get some things nailed down.

Here’s where we are so far….

  • We had 31 members in the Spring semester
  • Since then, 34 have done the pitch-matching audition.
  • 24 have passed.
  • 10 said they would work on their skills and audition again. (And we hope they do!)
  • Several previous members have yet to audition.
  • Several new people have expressed interest, but haven’t yet auditioned.
  • We’ve had one Saturday pitch-matching practice session, and I’ve been out of town off and on for several weeks because of my Dad’s failing health. That session was good, but much practice of that sort is needed for most of those who didn’t pass the pitch-matching audition on their first try.

Although my being in town is a little tentative for the next few weeks, I want to go ahead and schedule tentative Saturday sessions for both pitch-matching workshops and auditions. If I have to leave town, we’ll just have to cancel, but it seems best to go ahead and put them on the calendar. I have scheduled these for the following dates:

  • July 13
  • July 20
  • July 27
  • August 3

See the calendar here.

FYI, the Skits Workshop auditions will start at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 3.