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Caroling at Holiday Stroll, 3 December

We weren’t able to get enough singers to make this event work as envisioned. Maybe next year!

I was contacted by the Downtown Billings Alliance, who invited us to sing Christmas carols from 5-8pm on December 3 this year. They want us to split up and wander the streets (in the area of Broadway/Skypointe), but I’ve asked whether we could all stand together and sing–as we’ll do in our upcoming big concerts. They’re checking on that, and will get back to me ASAP. Meanwhile, I need to check your interest and availability for such an event.

Assuming they let us sing altogether, this should be pretty fun. We’d sing our set of 6 songs and then we’d take a break—and we’d repeat this a few times over the 3 hours. So you’d also have time to go strolling/shopping in between if you like. It would also give us some good practice singing altogether, AND we could hand out handbills about our show, and maybe recruit some new singers.

You would wear whatever you want—especially since it may be cold, and you’d be bundled up in coats anyway. If we can get enough singers—and if they say OK to us singing all together, then we’ll do it!

Would you please go ASAP and take this very short availability survey at Google forms?


Semester-Ending Performance Dates

This year, we’ll be producing two shows, and each one will be performed twice. Please see the details below, and note that the dates for the Homeschool Glee Club performance have changed from the original plan.


The Skitworks show will feature both classes, the Beginning Skits Workshop and the Performance Troupe. Please remember that the dress code for all cast and crew is “black on black” (including shoes).

DATES: (Same show runs twice)
Thursday, December 9, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Friday, December 10, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Call for cast and crew is 5:30 pm

LOCATION: We, Montana! Great Room

DRESS REHEARSAL: We are doing our best to see that no special rehearsal is needed. We’ll do all our preparations during regular class time.

Get your Skitworks! Comedy Show tickets here!

Homeschool Glee Club

This concert will be in conjunction with the Sing, Montana! Freedom Choir. The two choruses will each perform their separate segments of the show, but will sing together in a mass choir (of about 50) for one new Christmas performance piece, as well as for 6 audience singalong Christmas songs at the end of the show.

DATES: (Same show runs twice)
Monday, December 13, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Tuesday, December 14, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Call for all singers is 5:30 pm

Yellowstone Christian College Chapel
1515 S Shiloh Road, Billings MT

Get your Montana Christmas Choral Concert tickets here!

We, Montana! Advanced Choral Groups to Sing Under the “Sing, Montana!” Banner

The first concert of our first choral group. December 2018. 7 of these singers are in the Freedom Choir picture below!

We, Montana! has grown a lot since we started with a simple homeschool chorus in the Fall of 2018–to the point where it gets a little complicated talking about everything that’s going on–and to the point that our website at is quite crowded! So we’re splitting off our two most advanced vocal ensembles, Freedom Choir and Women’s Chorus under the Sing, Montana! banner, and we’ve given them their own website at

Sing, Montana! also has its own YouTube page here. And we have a Facebook page here.

But we’re not going anywhere! We’ll still be rehearsing in the We, Montana! Great Room as follows:

  • Freedom Choir (mixed). Monday nights from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, starting September 13
  • Women’s Chorus. Every other Saturday or so, from 3-5pm, starting September 25
Freedom Choir’s most recent concert (17 May 2021)–including about 7 members who were in the original homeschool chorus pictured above!

In fact, we’re having an Open House for Freedom Choir so that we can meet some more good singers with which to build our ensemble from last semester’s 27 members to 50 (we hope!) by January 2022.

Would you please help us spread the word? You can read about the Open House events on our website here. And you can find the Facebook “Event” we started for this Open House here.

We’re building something really great here. Please consider sharing to as many as you can so that we can get off to a great start in our second season!

Fall 2021 Course Registration Is Open!

Registration for Fall 2021 is open, and we’re expecting our biggest enrollment yet! You can now register right away—and we are now taking online payment through PayPal. Courses are $60 per student per semester starting September 1, but if you pay now, it’s only $50. (You may pay by check on the first day of class at the $60 rate.)

Click here to see our list of course offerings.

Homeschool Glee Club and Kids’ Choir Accepting New Members Mid-Semester

With COVID settling down somewhat, we’d like to take another stab at recruiting for the Homeschool Glee Club and for Kids’ Choir. We started the semester with fewer than 16 (which is our normal minimum enrollment) in each of these ensembles, but we’ve recently had a couple more join, and are interested in re-working the remainder of the semester to include other new members.

Ideally, we’d like to find another 7 or so, to bring us to a full 20 before our semester-ending concert on April 27th.

Tuition is $40 for the full semester, but given the late date, we’ll accept new students into this class for only $20.

Those already in these two ensembles, especially, are encouraged to invite their friends. Having said that, however, it’s an open enrollment period, and there’s no need to have an invitation to join us! And we hope that as COVID concerns are easing, we’ll get some quick takers. We’ll only leave this enrollment open for one week, so don’t delay!