Carry On!: Rehearsal Aids

Find the solo part here.

Here’s a shortened choral score for a larger work of mine. It’s an up-tune that’s likely to be a show-closing sort of crowd-pleaser.

Eventually, it will contain an entire band (with electric piano, horns, drums, bass, etc.) The entire score is already written; it just takes a while to enter it into my engraving software.

Also, there’s a baritone solo with this piece—though you won’t hear it in this particular rendition. (It happens during the “Oo” sections.)

The score just below includes the promised 2nd ending.

NEW BAND TRACK JUST BELOW. I still have a few more hours of editing, but I thought you might find this useful to see where we’re headed.

Full Band and Chorus (Chorus uses the “Ah” sound.)

Regular Tempo

All Four Parts on Piano with Drums
Soprano Predominant on Piano with Drums
Alto Predominant on Piano with Drums
Tenor Predominant on Piano with Drums
Bass Predominant on Piano with Drums


All Four Parts (SLOW TEMPO)
Soprano (SLOW)
Alto (SLOW)
Tenor (SLOW)
Bass (SLOW)