Caroling at Holiday Stroll, 3 December

We weren’t able to get enough singers to make this event work as envisioned. Maybe next year!

I was contacted by the Downtown Billings Alliance, who invited us to sing Christmas carols from 5-8pm on December 3 this year. They want us to split up and wander the streets (in the area of Broadway/Skypointe), but I’ve asked whether we could all stand together and sing–as we’ll do in our upcoming big concerts. They’re checking on that, and will get back to me ASAP. Meanwhile, I need to check your interest and availability for such an event.

Assuming they let us sing altogether, this should be pretty fun. We’d sing our set of 6 songs and then we’d take a break—and we’d repeat this a few times over the 3 hours. So you’d also have time to go strolling/shopping in between if you like. It would also give us some good practice singing altogether, AND we could hand out handbills about our show, and maybe recruit some new singers.

You would wear whatever you want—especially since it may be cold, and you’d be bundled up in coats anyway. If we can get enough singers—and if they say OK to us singing all together, then we’ll do it!

Would you please go ASAP and take this very short availability survey at Google forms?